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  • Septone Protecta Pink Hand Cleaner 20kg

A sought after product on the Paperware website is our Septone Protecta pink hand cleaner. Industrial hand cleaner is a must-have item for any company working in hospitality and our Septone protector pink hand cleaner is the very best on the market. With over 40 years in this industry, we only sell the highest-quality products and our online reviews show the dedication and level of service that we provide to all our customers. We can deliver our industrial hand cleaning products with next day delivery in certain regions, so your business needs never go without. Find out more about what you need to know about industrial hand cleaner below.
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Facts About Septone Protecta Pink Hand Cleaner

Industrial hand cleaner, such as Septone Protecta pink, is widely used in the hospitality industry as it is specially formulated to be extra effective and is great for more stubborn dirt types.

Why You Need Septone Hand Cleaner

When it comes to tackling items such as oil and grease, you will typically find that your average soap products do not make the cut. This is where industrial hand cleaner products come in as they can tackle these hard to get rid of substances. They are the best way to ensure that cross-contamination does not happen due to their strong anti-bacterial products. As you are constantly washing your hands in the hospitality industry, this is why it is so important to invest in Septone hand cleaner. Working in food, it is also important that you consider both fragranced industrial hand soap and non-fragranced hand soap, choosing the one that best meets your business needs.

Septone Protector Pink - How To Properly Wash Your Hands

You may be surprised to find out that most people are not actually properly washing their hands. You need to master a great technique that will ensure your hands are always clean after washing.

The first thing you should do is place your hands under clean, warm water and apply around one pump of soap. Create a lather of soap by rubbing your hands together and then spend at least 20 seconds cleaning all around your hands. This includes both of your palms, along your fingers and thumbs, under the nails and in between your fingers.

After doing this, you can then rinse your hands with warm water and make sure to remove all the soap as this is where the bacteria is, and it is important that it is washed away! Finally, dry your hands. The ideal way is with an air blower or recyclable disposal towels and then be wary of what you are touching when leaving the wash area.

Find Out More About Septone Protecta From The Paperware Team

Our Paperware team are always on hand to answer any queries that you may have. So, if you have questions about the Septone Protecta pink hand cleaner, then get in today to find out more. Our team are available to call, or you can use our on-site email form, and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Not only does Paperware specialise in Septone Protecta pink hand cleaner, we also supply heaps of other great packaging and catering supplies such as milkshake cups and disposable packaging. In need of disposable ice cream cups with lids? We have you covered. Be sure to check out the variety of flat paper bags that we supply and sell in bulk.
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Septone Protecta Pink Hand Cleaner 20kg

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