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Castaway Food Packaging & Cling Wrap

It has long been a mission of Paperware to not only make it fast easy for our customers to access and purchase all the commercial cleaning and catering products they need online – but to ensure that those products come from the best-known brands on the market. We are proud to partner with some of Australia’s best known and most reputable manufacturers of commercial cleaning and packaging supplies. We have listened to our customers and utilised our many years’ experience in industry to directly seeking out partnerships with the product brands you know and love.
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Castaway Food Packaging - Australia’s Best Loved Commercial Food Packaging Brand

When it comes to our collection of food packaging supplies, it simply wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t stock products from the beloved Castaway packaging brand. Castaway are undoubtedly one of Australia’s best-known manufacturers of commercial packaging products and have been in the business now for almost four decades. They have cemented themselves as the “go-to” brand for food packaging supplies with a growing range of innovative solutions for businesses across several industries.

Paperware are proud to partner with Castaway to supply a range of their best-selling products via our online store. Castaway are a home-grown Australian company, and we are delighted to add them to our growing list of local suppliers.

The Castaway Packaging Collection

We are always adding to our online product range. However, we already have a number of great Castaway food packaging products readily available for you to immediately purchase via our online store:

Foodservice Cling Wrap

You won’t find a better quality product than Castaway cling wrap. That’s why when you look in any deli, food court, café, restaurant or takeaway joint in Australia, you’ll notice their staff tearing away some cling film wrap from a dispenser carrying the distinctive palm tree Castaway logo when preparing your food.

It offers superior stretch and seal capabilities than any other product on the market, and it’s super affordable too. Seal in the freshness and flavour of foods and ensure complete customer satisfaction by switching to Castaway cling wraps – we’ve got both the 33cm x 600m and 45cm x 600m sizes available to buy online.

Foodservice Wipes

If you’re serving food, foodservice wipes are a staple item in your preparation area. The PrepSource foodservice wipes from the Castaway are tough, durable and highly absorbent, providing the anti-bacterial protection to quickly, efficiently and effectively clean down any area in your food service or preparation station.

Greaseproof Paper

You should never have to use layers of greaseproof paper, no matter what items you’re cooking. Forget about poor quality, “home cooking” quality greaseproof papers and switch to the commercial grade greaseproof paper from Castaway. Their packs of paper come in pre-cut sheets, so no messing about. They are ideal for wrapping sandwiches, burgers, kebabs and other takeaway foods, keeping your customers by ensuring that no grease seeps through.


Don’t be fooled into thinking that any old napkins will do. There are lots of poor quality options out there which are virtually useless at soaking or wiping up anything unless you use a whole bunch at a time. Invest in some high-quality luncheon napkins, like those from Castaway, and you will actually find you save on wastage. One 2-ply napkin goes a long way and are brilliantly soft yet ultra-absorbent.

Plastic Containers

Serve up food items in Castaway’s plastic round containers, designed to host both cold and hot food items and drinks. Strong and durable, there’s no need to double layer these containers. You can buy both the 150ml and 100ml versions from the Paperware online store.

Servicing All of Your Castaway Cling Wrap Needs

The Paperware online store is your complete one-stop-shop for all of your commercial food packaging and cleaning supplies. Buy products from the best brands on the market and enjoy fast delivery and affordable pricing to boot.

Not only does Paperware specialise in castaway food packaging, we also supply heaps of other great packaging and catering supplies such as bulk soap supplies and 3M stainless steel cleaner. In need of commercial cleaning chemicals? We have you covered. Be sure to check out the variety of industrial cleaning supplies we supply and sell in bulk.
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Castaway Stretch'n'Seal® Foodservice Cling Wrap - 33cm x 600m

Castaway Stretch'n'Seal® Foodservice Cling Wrap - 33cm x 600m

Castaway® Stretch’n’Seal® cling wrap film offers superior cling, stretch and clarity, sealing in f..

$27.12 Ex Tax: $24.65

Castaway Stretch'n'Seal® Foodservice Cling Wrap - 45cm x 600m

Castaway Stretch'n'Seal® Foodservice Cling Wrap - 45cm x 600m

Castaway® Stretch’n’Seal® cling wrap film offers superior cling, stretch and clarity..

$38.50 Ex Tax: $35.00

Greaseproof Paper; 1/2 sheets 800/bnd Castaway

Greaseproof Paper; 1/2 sheets 800/bnd Castaway

Greaseproof Paper; 1/2 sheets 800/bnd Castaway..

$18.59 Ex Tax: $16.90

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